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2020-10-30: join me in the car. personal reflection on vulnerable writing 🎙

2020-10-28: Weekly roast.

2020-10-27: Had the thought yesterday so I called my grandma. She loaned me this Learn How Book (published in …

2020-10-27: Axe sharpening this morning!

2020-10-25: Made pizza for dinner tonight. Tasted great!

2020-10-24: The Pennsylvania Capitol Building (The Forum in the foreground). Taken October 24, 2016.


2020-10-23: Starting the next Christmas gift. This one is for my brother.

2020-10-22: Park at night.

2020-10-22: Empty.


2020-10-20: Roasted.

2020-10-19: Now reading A Handmade Life: In Search of Simplicity by William Coperthwaite 📚

2020-10-19: Fall colors around the Capitol complex.

2020-10-18: Gold iPhone 12 Pro ordered for le wife. Also ordered two MagSafe chargers and wallets. Eager to …

2020-10-18: Beta version of the cold frame 😊 will build a more solid version next year.

2020-10-17: Attempting a cold frame around our small greens and such this winter. Framed out the lower portion …

2020-10-17: First, a little food tray for squirrels and chipmunks from the scrap wood 🪵 🐿

2020-10-17: Starting the next Christmas gift 🎄

2020-10-16: Bank truck complete 🎄primary tools: axe and knife and a little bit of saw work.

2020-10-16: Finished the toy train last week and very happy with how it turned out. “The little engine that …

2020-10-15: Taking shape.

2020-10-14: So much I’d like to write. But it is life and we all go through things.

2020-10-14: Good morning ☀️

2020-10-13: a day in the life. Beginning to work on another Christmas gift. Harrisburg PA USA 4:09pm EST. …

2020-10-09: Wheels and axels.

2020-10-09: Finished reading Another work is possible 📚

2020-10-06: We’ve been getting our meat from a local farmer for a few months now. Steak on the fire seemed like …


2020-10-04: Hiked today🌲 🥾

2020-10-03: Tehran via Apple TV+ 👍🏻

2020-10-03: Quick DIY paper towel holder.

2020-10-02: Making wooden toys today for Christmas gifts. Queue Christmas music 🎄 🎶

2020-10-01: There is something oddly satisfying about turning scrap wood into dowels.

2020-09-29: The finished beans.

2020-09-29: First roast. Fingers crossed.

2020-09-28: Manhattan. Been a Monday.

2020-09-28: One more.

2020-09-27: Mute.

2020-09-25: Another coffee scoop. This one is for my dad.

2020-09-24: Always learning.

2020-09-22: Carved a ladle of sorts. Not perfect but useful. Included a comfortable spot for the index finger …

2020-09-21: Molding planes needed for a Christmas gift I’m making for the in-laws.

2020-09-20: Stitches out.


2020-09-19: Currently 45 degrees (F). High is 66. Autumn is here 🍂

2020-09-18: Random, made a coffee scoop for our ground coffee.

2020-09-18: Looking for chipmunks 🐿

2020-09-18: ☕️

2020-09-17: New notebook today. Olympic National Park from the Field Notes National Park edition (series E).

2020-09-16: Everything is practice.

2020-09-15: Split.

2020-09-15: For the record, I successfully carved the bowl of a wooden spoon yesterday. Doing so last week is …

2020-09-14: Lighter week this week…looking forward to it.

2020-09-14: Reminder to self: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. …

2020-09-12: Harry-Potter-soundtrack kind of day.

2020-09-11: Coffee tastes exceptionally good this morning.

2020-09-10: Meh. Six stitches.

2020-09-10: Sliced my thumb pretty bad today. Mindfulness is key when using a razor sharp knife, and I wasn’t …

2020-09-10: Allergies have been off the charts the past several weeks. Ready for a break, hopefully soon.

2020-09-10: Coffee.

2020-09-08: Step 1: make a club.

2020-09-07: Another closet/shelf project complete!

2020-09-03: Is it “safe” at this point to try out WatchOS 7 beta?

2020-09-02: In the carving phase of a project. Nothing fancy. More dowels.

2020-09-01: The best way to start is to start.

2020-08-31: Productive shop time today. Cut 42 walnut blanks (to carve into dowels) and selected and cut a …

2020-08-30: Power went out overnight. Led to 4am wanderings and a strong reminder of the single point of failure …

2020-08-28: Watching Jason Bourne. A classic movie (for me), and an incredible book!

2020-08-27: Tomorrow is the last Friday of the month and I actually have a newsletter to send out. First time …

2020-08-27: Quick project: wanted a simple solution to organizing the smaller things on my desk. Version 1 …

2020-08-26: Mini-mallet for Mozzie’s 7th birthday.

2020-08-25: Had an idea. And I think it will work. Will chip away at it tomorrow.

2020-08-24: monday.

2020-08-20: Red oak shavings.

2020-08-20: To be a dog.

2020-08-20: Enjoying the cool morning temps.

2020-08-19: A home for the pencils.

2020-08-19: ✏️

2020-08-19: Choosing a new notebook to use as my “daily driver” is always enjoyable. I try to match …

2020-08-17: Went for a walk this evening and stumbled upon a neighbor getting rid of cherry wood (and he’ll have …

2020-08-17: Monday.

2020-08-15: Today is a day of not doing. And I think it is needed. Maybe tomorrow will be the same.

2020-08-14: Ok, August is the month I will actually send out a newsletter. Pinky swear.

2020-08-13: Eager to head down this rabbit hole.

2020-08-13: Beginning to enjoy cloudy days as much as sunny days.



2020-08-03: Sometimes I have the thought to just keep driving…

2020-07-30: Best laid plans and such 🙄.

2020-07-27: Finished one, starting one.

2020-07-22: Shelves are finished! Hung using hand carved walnut dowels (always experimenting 😊).

2020-07-18: Mini railroad ties.

2020-07-17: Onto the next.

2020-07-16: Shelves are finished!

2020-07-13: First go at setting and sharpening my crosscut and rip handsaws.

2020-07-10: Hand carved dowels and the rabbet for the back of the shelves turned out well!

2020-07-09: Living in the not knowing.

2020-07-07: Laying out the placement of fasteners on the back of a shelf. They won’t be seen but it is important …

2020-07-04: Current project is making four floating shelves. One of the “features” is a lip on the front. I …


2020-07-02: Making dowel rods for a current project. Sometimes I go down a rabbit hole. This one made me think …

2020-07-01: Not related to anything going on as far as current events are concerned: change worth fighting for …

2020-06-27: The rest of this weekend will [hopefully] be restful.

2020-06-24: A recent fancy woodworking project was a paper towel holder :-) Part of it is a round base - time …

2020-06-24: No promises, but at the end of this month I may send out a newsletter. The idea was to send …

2020-06-24: I had a dream last night, and in that dream I was talking about dreams…

2020-06-24: Amazing how quiet things are with filters doing the filtering.

2020-06-18: More quick shelving in the workshop. Made my own fasteners instead of using screws.

2020-06-18: Fancy feet.


2020-06-09: Rewatching Mad Men.

2020-06-06: First mallet is 99% complete but wanted to show how it turned out! As usual, only hand tools were …

2020-06-05: More bread.

2020-06-02: Additions to the preverbal tool belt.

2020-05-30: Good morning

2020-05-29: Mallet is coming along!

2020-05-20: Sunset in the workshop.

2020-05-18: Onto the next woodworking project. Using dowel rods for a portion of it…so I made one. And it …

2020-05-17: Workbench is ready for use!

2020-05-16: Workbench is coming along…The top will go on tomorrow!

2020-05-08: Shoulder plane gives a perfect fit.

2020-05-08: One more cup of coffee to go along with the final work task of the week. Have a production …

2020-05-07: Not perfect but not bad. First go at curves with hand tools. Mozzie will paint it as his gift for …

2020-05-05: Practicing my scales.

2020-05-05: Many people die at twenty-five and aren’t buried until they are seventy-five. Benjamin …

2020-05-05: This will be fun! (cc: @rnv).

2020-05-04: I hate Mondays. Garfield 💬


2020-05-01: Custom solution.

2020-04-30: It worked!

2020-04-28: Next small woodworking project is a simple stand for the lids that otherwise lay at the bottom of a …

2020-04-27: Meh.

2020-04-25: Finished!

2020-04-24: Shooting board is coming along well. Removable fence is a success!

2020-04-24: The option to mute keywords in @gluon is phenomenal. Thank you @vincent 🙏

2020-04-23: Made some shavings in the shop tonight.

2020-04-18: Finished making the bent earlier this week. Essentially a saw horse, a companion to the saw bench …

2020-04-17: Starting a new notebook - Yosemite National Park from Series A of the Field Notes National Parks …

2020-04-15: Tenons!

2020-04-15: Made a drawing bow today. Will help with laying out curves.

2020-04-14: Have a few shop projects in the works. Finished the first, which is a saw bench. All hand tools. All …

2020-04-12: Finished the Easter gift for mozzie yesterday. All hand tools. Happy with how it turned out. (Same …

2020-04-11: Wrapped up Ozark S3 last night (still moved by the mental illness aspect introduced) and now …

2020-04-10: Spent the day here.

2020-04-09: Practicing.

2020-04-07: Really been cleaning out my rss subscriptions the past few weeks.

2020-04-06: Found the problem, and then fixed it!


2020-04-04: Good enough!

2020-04-03: Did what was necessary to be with friends tonight.

2020-04-03: Progress!

2020-04-03: Making a place for everything.

2020-04-01: One day soon the sun will shine again!

2020-03-27: Starting simply this morning.

2020-03-26: This morning’s soundtrack 🎧.

2020-03-26: She digs the new blanket.

2020-03-25: Chamfer!

2020-03-21: Brew day today.

2020-03-15: Her afternoon siesta.

2020-03-15: Finally!



2020-03-13: One more cup of coffee is required before the morning comes to an end.

2020-03-10: If you had one shot, or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted One moment Would you …

2020-03-10: Thinking tonight may be the night I settle into watch The Irishman. Will need to make sure I’m …

2020-03-09: Bright out there tonight.

2020-03-09: Have the place to ourselves. Much needed quiet for both of us.

2020-03-09: Work tip someone recently shared with me. Stand up. Stretch. Take a walk. Go to the airport. Get on …

2020-03-08: Busy but good weekend. Ended with a trip to the Pennsylvania State Museum and an early birthday …

2020-03-07: 4 stumps successfully removed. Exhausting but rewarding work. Relaxing before our dinner guests …

2020-03-06: Cut down three very large, overgrown, bushes today. Tomorrow, stump removal 🤞🏼

2020-03-06: Quiet house for a few more minutes.

2020-03-05: Been a day. Time for a Manhattan.

2020-03-02: Started a new notebook today. Will be used as a “hit list” for the must do tasks each day (I pull …

2020-03-01: Went for a hike today. Helped to clear my vision on a few things I’ve been wrestling with.

2020-03-01: Typing up the February issue of my newsletter. Only my second one but I really enjoy the process. …

2020-03-01: I leaned into a project yesterday (Saturday) and made this. Will be used to start seeds for our …

2020-02-28: The subtle glow below.

2020-02-28: An unusually quiet afternoon (for now).

2020-02-28: Still learning the intricacies of blot.im. Enjoying it very much (especially the lack of interface …

2020-02-28: The Human Spirit aaronaiken.me

2020-02-28: “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord” (Gen. 6:8).

2020-02-28: Together

2020-02-27: Work presentation I’ve been working on for a month or so is finally finished, delivered, and …

2020-02-26: Stuck and cannot escape!

2020-02-26: I need a break.

2020-02-25: Hiking hurdle.

2020-02-24: He lost a tooth at dinner tonight. Double gap!

2020-02-24: Starting a new notebook today.

2020-02-24: Getting that anything-is-possible-on-a-Spring-morning feeling right now.

2020-02-23: School night and such, but in the mood for a movie. Watching _Clear and Present Danger_. May need to …

2020-02-23: L’Enfant Plaza station (from our trip to Washington D.C. in September of last year).

2020-02-23: Tired him out with hike today.

2020-02-22: Quite the spectacle arrived in the mail today.

2020-02-22: She snores so loud 💤

2020-02-22: Had a few breakthroughs this week on a major work project. Made a lot of progress and should be …

2020-02-21: What a week, what a day.

2020-02-21: Could have been used to scale a fence, or something eight feet tall, but I used it instead as the …

2020-02-20: Came across this “Why Blog? copy while looking for something on the WordPress.com site via the …

2020-02-20: One more cup of coffee should do it.

2020-02-19: Not much space…

2020-02-19: Lots of tea today, with honey 🍯

2020-02-19: A runny nose is pretty darn annoying.

2020-02-18: I used this notebook as a journal when I was 13. I was starting 7th grade at a new school, and …

2020-02-17: Tea wisdom

2020-02-17: Starting a new notebook today. Cool and clean, white and silver.

2020-02-16: Not much rest today. Stained two shelves I made for our dining room and did ~80 cuts for storage …

2020-02-15: Project started and finished late this afternoon. Will hopefully start another one tomorrow.

2020-02-15: Balance

2020-02-15: The evening ended on a very chilly note, but this tea provided much needed warmth (with a good …

2020-02-14: Substack looks interesting. Guess I’ll try it out.

2020-02-14: First, I need another cup of coffee. Second, still figuring it out.

2020-02-14: Well…

2020-02-13: My interest in doing more myself is rising…testing my brother’s miter saw before purchasing …

2020-02-12: His attachment was real…

2020-02-12: I use the first 750 words as a way to clear the floor, process things, think on things, get my head …

2020-02-12: Jellyfish in the steam!

2020-02-11: Plain yet grand.

2020-02-10: Influx of house projects this year requires an actual workshop, so a new Field Notes notebook was …

2020-02-09: Time for my lull.

2020-02-09: Getting things done and succeeding.

2020-02-08: First batch is fermenting 🤞🏼

2020-02-08: Contrast

2020-02-08: Quiet Friday evening. Tinkering, writing, and watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

2020-02-07: The night sky above…

2020-02-06: We still have our Christmas wreath on the front door, a plant that continues to provide a wintry …

2020-02-06: Poor Lucy is sick. Crawling on her belly, trying to get comfortable.

2020-02-05: Well crap. Decided to see what the fuss is all about with @blot. I now have tomorrow’s distraction.

2020-02-05: Hide. My goal for every cord in the house.

2020-02-05: This weekend I will change the oil in both of our cars and brew my first batch of beer. Looking …

2020-02-04: My spot in the house. (Two different operating systems sharing the same trackpad and keyboard thanks …

2020-02-03: Time to reflect on the day that has passed.

2020-02-03: Temp is going up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit today. Full sun. All windows on the south side of our …

2020-02-02: Sight (and a photo from our hike yesterday): “Dad! Look at the fish!”

2020-02-02: Enjoyed this brew last night at dinner with my dad 🍺. No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care Unfiltered …

2020-02-01: Tea wisdom.

2020-02-01: Open / Closed

2020-01-31: I do complain about her neediness, but she is a really good pup. Very loyal.

2020-01-31: Why? Please allow up to 10 business days for unsubscribe requests to be processed.

2020-01-31: Just finished writing the first email for my “newsletter”. Will send it later today and …

2020-01-29: I’ve been too busy lately and I don’t like it. All thoughts are distracted thoughts. I …

2020-01-26: Really enjoying this running thing. After testing out five different pairs today I landed on a pair …

2020-01-24: Watching the sopranos always makes me hungry.

2020-01-23: Today is definitely going to be a “need more coffee” day.

2020-01-23: Grateful Log for January 23, 2020 Close to a full night of sleep despite working too late …

2020-01-23: I have a lot of work to get done today, but first, I must write (here and elsewhere).

2020-01-22: Eesh. Right AirPod just slipped out of my fingers and into my coffee…😬

2020-01-22: Grateful Log for January 22, 2020 Breakthrough on a project at work. A “hopeful” feeling, about …

2020-01-22: ☕️

2020-01-21: Working later than usual to stay ahead of a few things. Calls for a class of wine or 2 🍷.

2020-01-21: Grateful Log January 21, 2020 Good night of sleep. I think this tweak in my back is going away. …

2020-01-21: 💤

2020-01-20: How I Use the Drafts app for Task Management aaronaiken.me

2020-01-20: I enjoy being “forced” to keep things simple. Encourages higher quality. 

2020-01-20: Attempting to use Mars Edit for a long post I’d like to publish with images and such. Publishing …

2020-01-20: Too Young to Write Yesterday morning, after the first church service, I was told by a family member, who did not mean …

2020-01-19: Go Packers 🏈 🧀

2020-01-18: Spent a good amount of time writing a blog post about how I use Drafts for task management. Just …

2020-01-18: Appropriate for today’s weather ❄️

2020-01-18: Using Shortcuts and Drafts to Journal I’ll do something more in-depth later, or plan to at least, but for now here is a peak into …

2020-01-18: A part of my morning pages is jotting down three things I am thankful for, a habit I started when I …

2020-01-16: Doc told me I should add some cardio to my daily routine…just went for a light jog and …

2020-01-16: Wind is gusting at 37mph. The sound of it whipping around our house is awesome.

2020-01-16: I find that I put off doing that which I actually want to do. I’m not sure if it is fear or …

2020-01-16: She’s always sleepiest after being groomed.

2020-01-16: Accomplishing things My first new pair of glasses since 2008 were scratching very easily. Too easily. So I took care of …

2020-01-14: Do unto others…

2020-01-14: Leaning into procrastination.

2020-01-14: Apple Watch battery indicator issues persisted after resets, unpairing, and returning it to factory …

2020-01-13: Do More, Hire Less For several years I had the mentality of spending money to hire contractors and such to do things …

2020-01-13: My Apple Watch (series 5) battery has been at 100% for 24 hours…not charged during that time …

2020-01-11: This weekend’s project: fresh coat of paint on the walls and ceiling in our family room and down the …

2020-01-10: I am not an overly “handy” person, but do look forward to a good challenge and always enjoy …

2020-01-07: Freshly fallen ❄️

2020-01-06: Shouldn’t eat Pringles on a school night.

2020-01-06: The strange reality of having time I am in the midst of experiencing something crazy, and something I personally have not experienced …

2020-01-04: As I used to say, back in 2007, “Goodnight, world.”

2020-01-04: Worth it.

2020-01-04: Times like this when I think to myself: You only live once.

2020-01-03: Haven’t used either in a very long time, maybe 6 months or so, but finally got around to …

2020-01-03: A film from 5,000 years in the future. An ad, but I enjoyed the creative perspective.

2020-01-03: Reading “Iowa” in relation to the presidential election makes me want to rewatch The …

2020-01-02: My monthly newsletter I want to write more in 2020 than I did in 2019, and I want to publish more in 2020 as-well. The …

2019-12-31: Season 1 finale of The Morning Show 👍👍👍

2019-12-31: Happy New Year 🥳 ! This may be the last, or second to last, Manhattan of the year. Also, posting a …

2019-12-30: My beard is to the point that I need actual things for it. Getting combs and a brush from Kent, an …

2019-12-28: Overdid it with Christmas related stuff, as predicted, and am now sick. Taking the forced down time …

2019-12-26: Coolest sweater.

2019-12-25: Setting out a plate of cookie crumbs and an empty glass of milk. Mozzie has always been a very …

2019-12-24: Frantically running away from the last decade, confidently walking into the next My mind is getting into reflection mode, which is a natural state for it to enter this time of year. …

2019-12-24: Now watching…

2019-12-22: This pup

2019-12-20: WiFi: OFF Do Not Disturb: ON

2019-12-20: Today is a recovery day from the past year and advance recovery for the next week, although …

2019-12-19: Somehow made it to Mozzie’s ice skating lesson today. Really happy that he is happy when he is …

2019-12-19: Manhattan. Iron Man 3. Friday night for me. Cheers, folks.

2019-12-18: M.b family! How’s it going? Been a minute. This time of year becomes way too busy due to the …

2019-12-18: Really need to come up for air soon.

2019-12-17: Frozen 🧊

2019-12-13: Have time set aside today to begin writing my “how I use Drafts” blog post.

2019-12-11: Full moon 🌕 tonight is impressive!

2019-12-09: Thoughts on the TV shows I am currently watching The Mandalorian (Disney+) I really want to like this one but it lacks a lot of depth right now, and …

2019-12-09: At the end of some days, even days when I was with mozzie all day, I feel like I didn’t do …

2019-12-08: She’s sleeping through the season 1 finale at SEE 🐶 💤

2019-12-08: 😍

2019-12-08: A rare moment.

2019-12-07: Evening.

2019-12-07: Moz and I with Santa 🎅

2019-12-05: Alright. Finally working my way through marvel movies. But, sleep calls.

2019-12-03: Some thoughts on when enough is enough Not enough money. Not enough time. Not enough land. Not enough bedrooms. Not enough freedom. …

2019-12-03: How does one get the word out about something without selling their soul (to social media or search …

2019-12-03: Windy out there today!

2019-12-03: 5:30am - “Thankfully the water is going to boil soon for the coffee.” 6:01am - Pry my …

2019-12-02: Wine and brainstorming to conclude the “productive” portion of my day.

2019-12-02: I use Drafts for a lot, pretty much everything actually. Here is my current list of Workspaces.

2019-12-01: She annoys me a lot, but she is also pretty darn cute.

2019-12-01: Have been successful with this layout for a while now. Mostly use spotlight and triggers/shortcuts …

2019-12-01: Church was definitely going to happen this morning, but then we all slept in.

2019-11-30: 📚 Reading page is updated

2019-11-30: Getting Back to Stillness (Another copy and paste from my journal). And that mindset of stillness is something I remember …

2019-11-28: Manhattan 🥃 and For All Mankind 🌙👨‍🚀 to conclude the Thanksgiving 🦃 day festivities.

2019-11-26: Manhattan 🥃 and continuing to read The Martian 📖 👨‍🚀

2019-11-26: A brief look at my writing experience thus far With writing on my mind I have been thinking about my relationship with the practice over the span …

2019-11-25: A Use for Coffee, A Use for Tea What I need more than anything right now is coffee, and not for its effects, but for it alone. The …

2019-11-23: A literal copy and paste from my journal entry today where I start to flesh out what to do next, with a focus on my passion for writing I’m glad I am not spending any time on anything “productive” or meant for monetary …

2019-11-20: 'Dickinson' on Apple TV Plus has surged ahead of its other launch shows in popularity Travis Clark: The series, starring Hailee Steinfeld as the 19th century poet, recently broke …

2019-11-18: Hanging with Moz.

2019-11-16: The Secret to Enjoying a Long Winter Jason Kottke: It’s comforting to know that warmer weather and longer days are waiting for me in the …

2019-11-14: SEE.

2019-11-08: Taking it easy.

2019-11-07: Enjoying Dickinson on Apple TV+.

2019-11-07: Quick LEGO sesh.

2019-11-06: Really need to spend some time figuring out my home “office” situation (just a desk in our …

2019-11-06: Things I want to write about but haven't gotten to yet my current use of Drafts being so excited about getting an Apple Watch the past year and some of the …

2019-11-03: 📺 👻 🖊 now watching Ghostwriter.

2019-11-02: 📺 🌓 🚀 now watching For All Mankind.

2019-11-02: Frosty ☃️

2019-11-02: There it is.

2019-10-31: Eh. Just when things seemed to be going so well… Shoulda known.

2019-10-31: 📺 🎃 Now watching It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

2019-10-27: Going with the flow.

2019-10-25: Wine o’clock 🍷

2019-10-22: Standing out.

2019-10-21: 📓 Dear Diary for week ending Sunday, October 20, 2019 Monday 🚶🏻‍♂️Took a family walk today, which we thought was a good idea. Turns out that it …

2019-10-20: Tomorrow is the 21st of October already 🤯😱

2019-10-20: 📷 Some shots from our day trip to the National Museum of Natural History yesterday dinosaur 🦖 🦕

2019-10-18: From earlier today.

2019-10-18: Desk for the morning.

2019-10-16: Back to the drawing board: freelance writing (with a heavy emphasis on IT Project Deliverables). …

2019-10-15: 📚 Beginning to read Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie.

2019-10-15: Maybe it is laziness as I get older, or maybe it is wisdom, or maybe it is just a better perspective …

2019-10-14: Being a parent 🤦🏻‍♂️

2019-10-14: 📓 Dear Diary for week ending Sunday, October 13, 2019 Monday 🍁 Picked up a very appropriate leaf on our morning walk today. Autumn is definitely in full …

2019-10-12: Sunrise colors.

2019-10-09: The sun is out today!

2019-10-09: It may be time to start growing a beard. Or at least letting it grow out more than I usually do.

2019-10-09: Peaky Blinders.

2019-10-07: Time to think is priceless.

2019-10-07: Coffee break with Mini Motorways.

2019-10-07: Obligatory 🍁

2019-10-06: 📓 Dear Diary for week ending Sunday, October 6, 2019 Monday 😕 Unmotivated start to the week, unfortunately. I am constantly at a adjusting and making …

2019-10-06: A great rainy day.

2019-10-05: Micro.blog has been extremely unresponsive on the web and also the iOS app. I think I can still post …

2019-10-05: First sip of coffee…☕️

2019-10-04: Just found out that my ITIL instructor passed away on Tuesday. He was only 43. He did all of my ITIL …

2019-10-03: Raining today and very cloudy. Simply means that plenty of coffee will be consumed ☕️🙂

2019-10-02: Realistically our final day of warmer weather for a while.

2019-10-01: 🌙

2019-09-30: So torn right now. I always end up doing too much at once, and always end up feeling like I cannot …

2019-09-29: 📓 Dear Diary (week ending Sunday, September 29, 2019) Monday ⛅️ The mornings this week were all typical for this time of year, but once the afternoon hit …

2019-09-29: Wondering how it is possible that I have not heard of author John le Carré. I will begin with Call …

2019-09-28: Early sky.

2019-09-28: Up early, for a Saturday, to take a random quick trip into Washington DC.

2019-09-27: One of these days I think I may make a pretty dramatic move. May even surprise myself.


2019-09-27: storm chasing with a Phantom Flex 4K. The best shots from two years of storm chasing jammed into 3.5 …

2019-09-26: Coffee weather.

2019-09-25: Late walk.

2019-09-25: Ran out of hours yesterday, so completed day 2 and 3 of the 100 days of SwitftUI challenge today. …

2019-09-25: 🐛 cc: @handy

2019-09-24: September 24th.

2019-09-24: 🍂

2019-09-23: Toward this goal, I completed day 1 of 100 days of SwiftUI.

2019-09-23: Expanding on my generic post about a “big life change” Allow me to get personal. Okay, not too personal, but at least hear me out with a crazy goal that I …

2019-09-22: Work. Legos. iPhone. Trains. Hiking. and more legos. Dear Diary for week ending Sunday, September 22, 2019 Monday In the forties (Faranheit) when I woke …

2019-09-22: Ten things I learned this week, ending Sunday, September 22, 2019 The exhaust fans need to be turned on to exhaust things, and where those switches are located is …

2019-09-22: Stairway to…

2019-09-22: In preparation for a massive life change [I am hoping and planning for] in four years, I want to …

2019-09-22: Yeah, High-key Light Mono is swanky for sure!

2019-09-22: creativity is unpredictable, and it simply takes time.

2019-09-21: I have been thinking about a few different blogs that I want to start writing. But I’m going …

2019-09-21: Wandering 🌾

2019-09-21: Lucy soaking in the rays.

2019-09-21: Mozzie favorite part of iPhone delivery day: new boxes to play with 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

2019-09-21: iPhone 11 Pro Max successfully setup. Minor delay with using my iOS 13.1 beta backup…but good …


2019-09-20: Delivery day!

2019-09-19: The journey of my iPhone 11 Pro Max so far.

2019-09-19: Simply begin.

2019-09-19: New Lego set!

2019-09-18: The iPhone 11 and iPhones 11 Pro Daring Fireball: There’s also a shortcut that not many people know about, but when you show it to …

2019-09-18: Make someone’s day today: compliment them for something.

2019-09-18: Down to 51 degrees Fahrenheit overnight. Autumn 🍂 is quickly approaching!

2019-09-17: Evening sky.

2019-09-17: Awesome.

2019-09-17: Just realized that I am using three separate systems for tracking things that need doing. Apple …

2019-09-16: Finished for the day. Picking a game to try in Apple Arcade.

2019-09-16: Trying to figure out Plan C.

2019-09-15: Now reading 📚 Rising Sun by Michael Crichton.

2019-09-15: More work/productivity apps need to offer this level of notification granularity. This is in …

2019-09-15: Recovering.

2019-09-14: I think I may be a nomad at heart, currently stuck though.

2019-09-14: Eesh. Long end to a long week.

2019-09-13: iPhone preorders complete ✅

2019-09-11: ⚡️⚡️

2019-09-11: Mural on the side of the coffee shop I go to when visiting the office.

2019-09-10: Yep, not sick anymore. Can’t seem to fall asleep easily before 11. Or after 11 apparently.

2019-09-09: Being sick is the absolute worst. But, being forced into downtime is appreciated. I don’t get …

2019-09-06: Ten years old today but she still looks and acts like a puppy 🐶

2019-09-06: Tea and reading before bed. Slept with the windows open. Feel rested!

2019-09-05: I appreciate when days move quickly, but not so fast that they are a blur.

2019-09-05: Had a few things that I wanted to write/process since returning from our trip. I wanted to write …

2019-09-03: Been fascinated lately by bugs. This guy is joining me with my cigar tonight. Wonder what he will …

2019-09-03: From our walk this morning 🐛🌸

2019-09-03: Today, at some point, I will check my email (first time in ten days).

2019-09-02: A magical place.

2019-09-01: Beginning tomorrow, the next twelve months are going to be insane (and good, when they are over). …

2019-09-01: Now watching 📺: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

2019-09-01: Sunday afternoon naps.

2019-09-01: First thing I tend to do upon returning from a trip, even before unpacking, is planning the next …

2019-08-30: Sunset colors.

2019-08-29: 🌾

2019-08-28: Evening ingredients.

2019-08-28: En route ✈️

2019-08-28: Contrast.

2019-08-25: 🎡


2019-08-25: Cloudy 🌴

2019-08-24: Long day of work and travel. Wrapping up work in the hotel room now, then reading to bring calm to …

2019-08-23: Working through the list.

2019-08-22: Tea and reading before bed.

2019-08-22: Found this photo in my camera roll (no clue on what it is). Accurate depiction of how the last week …

2019-08-21: My upcoming time away from the daily grind and routine of life is very needed, as it is every year. …

2019-08-21: Accessing Triggers/“Automations” in the iOS Shortcuts app on my iPhone running beta 6 is lost on me. …

2019-08-20: Experimenting with nighttime iPhone photography with long exposure (6 seconds on this shot) and …

2019-08-20: Thinking a book and a bit of bourbon to bring the day to a close.

2019-08-20: 🌈

2019-08-20: Listening to the birds as they wake up.

2019-08-19: The sun following me on a long drive through fields of corn earlier this evening.

2019-08-19: Little friend stopped for a photo during our morning walk 🐸

2019-08-18: Took my tea outside tonight to watch.

2019-08-18: Drama in the sky.

2019-08-17: Another Indiana Jones film for the weekend.

2019-08-17: Painting in the sky.

2019-08-17: Current setup: Cigar 💨 Manhattan 🥃 Netflix 📺

2019-08-14: Clouds at night.

2019-08-13: The Autumn 🍂 like feel of today calls for tea this evening.

2019-08-13: Life has been a blur lately. Really looking forward to our vacation coming up. Unplugging (for the …

2019-08-11: 🔥

2019-08-09: When process trumps common-sense.

2019-08-09: Alright, iOS 13 Public Beta…let’s see what you’re like.

2019-08-09: Apologies in advance if bugs aren’t for you, but these guys are spending a late work night with me …

2019-08-08: Hershey Park this evening with the family. Had a fun time!

2019-08-07: Finished the Gemini notebook, so need to start a new one. Mozzie helped me pick and he chose the …

2019-08-06: More coffee should do the trick.

2019-08-06: Movement 🌧 (@macgenie)

2019-08-06: In the back of my mind recently, fighting to reach the front: do not abandon your passions for …

2019-08-06: 🐶

2019-08-06: ☕️

2019-08-01: Channeling Don Draper.

2019-07-29: Photos from our hike yesterday.

2019-07-26: Don’t overthink it.

2019-07-25: Work location for a bit.

2019-07-23: This kiddo is back from the beach 🌊 so we were back to our walk this morning.

2019-07-21: Lots of coffee today.


2019-07-20: Had a great time today at the Pennsylvania Barn Smoker!

2019-07-18: So necessary ☕️

2019-07-17: Starting to watch Stranger Things S3.

2019-07-17: Taking a moment, then I’ll get back to it.

2019-07-17: Storm rolling in.

2019-07-17: Power nap ✅ Time for coffee ☕️

2019-07-17: Today is Wednesday.

2019-07-16: So this happened today 😑 lost my AirPods. Backtracked everywhere I went today, which was minimal. …

2019-07-15: Now reading Unless It Moves the Human Heart by Roger Rosenblatt 📖 🥃

2019-07-15: Went to the library today 📚. Kind of on vacation this week.

2019-07-15: This box!

2019-07-14: Beautiful day today.

2019-07-12: Moon.

2019-07-12: Decided to go into the office today (not this building, but nearby).

2019-07-12: Up and at it!

2019-07-12: Should have known. Can only ever watch three episodes of the walking dead. Wrapping up season 8 now.

2019-07-12: Long awesome family evening. Late work night. Late cigar and bourbon 🥃 now.

2019-07-11: A lot of times I feel like the answer I am looking for is on the tip of my tongue.

2019-07-11: Several fun things to mention: new Reading page new On This Day page (hat tip @cleverdevil - …

2019-07-10: Antsy.

2019-07-10: Busy morning rushing around but still made our walk this morning. This jet stream was heading out to …

2019-07-09: 9 years old but still looks like a puppy 🐶

2019-07-09: I’m usually a fairly confident person, but today is one of those “life crisis” …

2019-07-09: From our walk earlier this morning.

2019-07-08: I find it interesting that when I really need to focus or process an idea I reach for pen and paper.

2019-07-08: Called it quits for now.

2019-07-08: Took a walk in the rain this morning. Oddly refreshing.

2019-07-07: Power nap 😴 now time for coffee ☕️

2019-07-06: I love how drastically weather changes ⛈

2019-07-06: Something about clouds.

2019-07-06: Sun is hiding.

2019-07-05: Flowers

2019-07-05: ☕️ Good morning! Work to do this morning but then have the rest of the day off.

2019-07-04: Seemed like an appropriate cigar for today.

2019-07-04: ☕️ Today’s coffee so far

2019-07-04: Enjoyed, as usual, listening to this week’s @monday episode with @macgenie and @danielpunkass. Re …

2019-07-04: Grand finale from our backyard last night 🎇

2019-07-02: I know, I know, another picture of Lucy 🐶 in her bed. But honestly, why does she always look so …

2019-07-02: Going to get back to doing this every day ✍🏼

2019-07-01: With a solider this morning ☕️

2019-07-01: Knew I was onto something: ending your work day at 3pm

2019-06-30: Finished reading Death on the Nisle by Agatha Christie 📚


2019-06-30: Sunday💤

2019-06-30: Good trip to Gettysburg yesterday. M isn’t at the point where we can do too much more than 2.5 miles …

2019-06-28: Walked with a pirate this morning 🏴‍☠️

2019-06-27: Why I Track my Time I have always tracked how I spend my time. Whether I was doing it to track time for a future invoice …

2019-06-27: Another beautiful day!

2019-06-27: Part of my new routine, which I will write more about later, is a 7am walk with my 5yo.

2019-06-26: Oh snap, Stranger Things 3.

2019-06-26: Time to give focused thought to a realistic daily routine that I can actually stick to and that …

2019-06-26: Full sun right now and pushing 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Paradise for me.

2019-06-26: At any rate, first cup of coffee finally in. 🐶 ☕️

2019-06-26: Need to get on a much better and consistent daily routine. Already running out of time this morning …

2019-06-25: 🤔 Thinking about: going back to TaskPaper (and wondering if I can use Drafts on iOS and MacOS along …

2019-06-25: “Hey dad! What’s this?”

2019-06-25: ☕️ Good morning! First cup of coffee for the day.

2019-06-24: Really enjoyed this week’s @monday episode with @macgenie interviewing @jgmac1106. I am afraid to go …

2019-06-24: Been unsubscribing from email newsletters/promotions as they come in. Only keeping subscriptions …

2019-06-24: New goal: plan tomorrow today.

2019-06-24: Finally some time to take a minute…

2019-06-23: 2 hours of sitting in the sun reading _Death on the Nisle_ by Agatha Christie. Good for the soul!

2019-06-22: Went for a walk/hike today. Trying to be more intentional about planned family activities on the …

2019-06-21: Email is a necessary evil for sure: for work, keeping in-touch, etc, but it really isn’t too …

2019-06-21: Really enjoyed listening to the latest Core Intuition episode. Especially re the use of email and …

2019-06-20: Something that continues to seem unbelievable: I’m a dad.

2019-06-20: Work hard, play hard. Worked harder, play harder.

2019-06-19: Storm rolling in ⛈

2019-06-19: Coincidence? @macgenie @jeremycherfas

2019-06-18: Work is done for the day. Time to relax for a bit. Major wins in that the various automations I put …

2019-06-18: Yeah, think I’ll have another cup.

2019-06-18: Afternoon coffee - so/always necessary. Also, my favorite coffee mug from one of my favorite places.

2019-06-18: Crazy late night of automating a few things. Mostly successful! Time to rest :-)

2019-06-16: Had a good afternoon hanging out with my dad. Sat on the back porch drinking brews and talking. My …

2019-06-16: Complain less, do more.

2019-06-15: Apparently a power nap is needed.

2019-06-14: Ok. Friday evening. Time for a beer, cigar, and The Walking Dead. Cheers!

2019-06-14: Pay for what you believe in Like I mentioned before, when I planned to start blogging again I seriously considered going the …

2019-06-14: Ceiling of the main rotunda in the Pennsylvania State Capitol building.

2019-06-13: Appreciate this. @macgenie - Curating the Micro.blog Discover Timeline Our goal is to start …

2019-06-13: Just made my own business expense tracker using Drafts -> Shortcuts -> Zapier -> Airtable.

2019-06-13: Constantly trying to keep my “today” todo list realistic. Meaning, a list of things that …

2019-06-13: Finally getting to the morning’s first cup of French press coffee.

2019-06-12: Feeling the same. Very happy to have discovered the community here. @mroutley - Consolidating my …

2019-06-12: 80% of his allowance money goes towards new LEGO sets, and I’m okay with that :-)

2019-06-12: Took work outside, grabbing some vitamin D with Lucy 🐶

2019-06-12: Going with a shorter username for my micro.blog profile, just first and last name initials. Too …

2019-06-12: The problem with watching The Walking Dead, in my experience, is that I find it difficult to …

2019-06-11: Blogging I plan to start writing and publishing online again. For the past 12 years, this has been an …

2019-06-11: Do people still say good morning? If so, good morning! If not…good morning!

2019-06-10: Hey now, what’s up micro.blog community!? I am excited to be here and happy that I have found …

2019-05-11: Guy stuff.



2019-03-11: Not my final thoughts on the Undercrown Maduro, but my initial thoughts: need to try it again. First …

2019-03-09: Saturday night.

2019-03-08: Looking forward to enjoying this @thecrownedheads CHC XVIII. Purchased at the Crowned Heads event at …

2019-03-06: Looking forward to this beautiful @drewestatecigar Undercrown Maduro. Will be smoking it live …

2019-03-05: Thoroughly enjoyed this Padron Black Label No. 89 2018 @taaexclusive. Delicious! Have you tried it …

2019-03-01: Tonight’s lineup. Happy #fuentefriday everyone 💨🥃 . . . . #fuenteisfuente #cigar #arturofuente …

2019-01-30: Dark, cold, and windy. But the cigar is still lighting up just fine :-) Hitting record for this …

2018-12-31: My favorite Instagram family! What’s up!? Just a quick note before the day gets away from me to say …

2018-12-27: What is up my party people? Been a minute since I posted anything here. How are you doing!? In the …

2018-09-10: do what is important first do what is important first “white clouds” by Jörg Angeli on Unsplash What is the first thing you …

2018-09-09: Intending to do something worth while requires drastic action Doing something worthwhile requires drastic action doing things differently…by rawpixel on Unsplash …

2018-08-17: Thoughts on change, art, science, and trees Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash Why do we do things? No, not that. Why are things done …

2018-06-27: Work after work ingredients.

2018-04-30: She asked where I was from. “San Andrés,” I replied cooly, taking a sip of my Bogotá …

2018-04-28: The fire crackled. Her laughter drifted into the star filled sky, rising with the smoke. The night …

2018-04-26: Was having a rough day so needed something easy going like this @joyacigars Cabinetta. A true modern …

2018-04-25: Late at night with a @punchcigars Rare Corojo. The soft breeze whispered in my ear, and danced …

2018-04-24: Something special about how these two paired: @davidoffcigars Year of the Rooster and 23 year …

2018-04-23: For those late night inspo sessions, I prefer the Late Hour by @davidoffcigars. Churchill was …

2018-04-21: Smoking @ajfcigars and drinking coffee…doesn’t get much better than this! Cigar from …

2018-04-20: That one time with a @davidblanco007 NINE, @TroegsBeer Impending Decent, and the company of a good …

2018-04-20: Friday - bring it.

2018-04-19: The Hoyo La Amistad, a colab between @AJFcigars and @hoyocigars, pretty darn close to absolute …

2018-04-18: A very enjoyable cigar! The Angel’s Anvil 2017 @taaexclusive by @thecrownedheads. Enjoyed …

2018-04-13: I loved everything about the Leaf by Oscar (maduro). First of all, unwrapping the tobacco leaf …

2018-04-12: Good afternoon! I’ve never had one that let me down. New World by @ajfcigars puts on full display …

2018-04-11: Still thinking about my time with this Romeo Añejo #cigar by Romeo y Julieta. That “dark …

2018-04-10: Enjoyed this Insidious Maduro by @asylum13cigars. Very smooth, good construction, combustion, and …

2018-04-09: Good evening! Thoroughly enjoyed this HR “Hirochi Robaina” by Cubanacan…a first for me and …


2018-04-07: Saturday feels.





2018-03-21: Snowing today, so here’s a picture before the snow arrived. Also, I am excited to let you know that …




2018-03-01: Be Instead of Do, Who Instead of What Be Instead of Do, Who Instead of What Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash When kids are kids, …

2018-02-28: Mornin.

2018-02-25: Sunday.

2018-02-21: 💨

2018-02-21: Yes, yes, and yes!! Yes, yes, and yes!! I, too, am avoiding the “numbers game” and am working to find my community in a …

2018-02-20: Don’t mind if I do.

2018-02-19: Say No To Other People. Say No To Fear. Say No To Other People. Say No To Fear. Ray Hennessy on Unsplash Yesterday was a Monday. Well, …

2018-02-14: Good morning ☕️

2018-02-13: I have created an early riser. Which is good for later in his life, questionable at the present …

2018-02-11: Remote Work Refined — A Short Personal History Remote Work Refined — A Short Personal History I have alluded in the past about my goal of finding …

2018-02-04: Snowy day simplicity 🥃

2018-02-04: Morning things.




2018-02-03: On a mission.

2018-02-02: Friday - bring it 👊🏻

2018-01-26: Don’t mind if I do. #nofilter #iphone7plus

2018-01-18: Coffee in the evening kind of day ☕️



2018-01-14: Thankful for the warm seat. Enjoyed this Alec Bradley Sanctum earlier today.

2018-01-13: Salut.

2018-01-12: Thoroughly enjoyed this classic (for the first time) in the company of @lindsayaiken.

2018-01-09: Stronger than I usually go to, but this Romeo is one I will try again (most likely after a meal 😊).

2018-01-07: Ready for a trip.



2018-01-05: Enjoyed this Oliva Serie V Liga Especial lancero yesterday.

2017-12-30: Private lounge smoke - Señorial by José Blanco.

2017-12-28: Thinking about 2018 - and doing something about 2018.

2017-12-25: Relaxing by the tree with a dram of Johnnie Walker (thank you @billhitz0220). Merry Christmas!

2017-12-22: Kicking off Christmas weekend with @starbucks Christmas Blend ☕️ cheers 🎄

2017-12-21: …and to all a good night.

2017-12-18: Work hard, Play hard. I usually combine the two.



2017-12-16: lindsayaiken let me out of the house 😉😉 Cigar and work.

2017-12-16: Coffee and pancakes.

2017-12-15: Cigars and coffee.

2017-12-11: Good morning!

2017-12-05: coffee with aaron — going where the money is coffee with aaron — going where the money is Good morning — I’ve never viewed myself as someone who …

2017-12-03: Take your passions seriously.



2017-12-01: Yes, I have a “hoody” on 😱 and yes @mozziedean is holding a flip phone ☎️

2017-11-28: Coffee shadows.




2017-11-23: Coffee Chat with Aaron — Daily Gratitude Coffee Chat with Aaron — Daily Gratitude Good morning, and Happy Thanksgiving to those of you here …

2017-10-28: Ladies and gentlemen - you may drink. Salut.

2017-10-24: Up at 4am because I’m too excited to sleep. And my alarm went off 😉

2017-09-29: Happy National Coffee Day - did you celebrate??

2017-09-23: Cheers to the weekend!

2017-06-30: Hey now - so I don’t think I have mentioned this yet here, other than in my bio, which you probably …

2017-06-25: Messy hair don’t care. Traveling with my family is the best.

2017-05-17: Good morning ☕️

2017-05-07: Time to think.




2017-04-08: The wind down 🥃

2017-04-01: Time to begin.



2017-03-05: Best way to start the day.

2017-03-01: The idea life.

2017-03-01: Good morning! Here’s a shot of today’s daily log in my #bulletjournal. …


2017-02-22: With a stray ‘i’ in there, practice is what I’m doing 😀 Relearning cursive 🖋👍🏻

2017-02-18: Saturday’s plans. Fingers crossed 🤞Cheers ☕️

2017-02-14: Good morning ☕️📝👨🏻‍💻 Up laying awake in bed at 3 with ideas and such running through my mind. Gave …

2017-02-05: Blank pages.

2017-01-30: Good morning! Trying out a new weekly spread. Lots of white space. Some areas boxed, others free. …

2017-01-29: Had a great time celebrating Mozzie’s great grandmother’s birthday 🎉 😀👍🏻

2017-01-29: Morning rituals - the secret to a successful life. Start where you are and with what you have and …

2017-01-26: I’ve noticed lately how yellow my photos are just by the nature of where and when I typically …

2017-01-18: Good morning ☕️ It is always a good day when you get to start a new notebook 😀 [Leuchttrum1917, …

2017-01-16: Good morning ☀️ My morning routine is simple. French press coffee. Setup and plan my day in my …


2017-01-13: Day is finally planned. Hoping for a successful end to the week. Have a great Friday! 🍷 is just …

2017-01-11: Good morning ☕️ ! Two things: 1) new link in my bio ⬆️. Check it out if you don’t mind BECAUSE …


2017-01-08: Good morning my party people ☕️ 📓 🔫 Weather report: feels like -2. Um. Florida here I come ✈️⛱☀️

2017-01-07: Good morning! ☕️📓💻

2017-01-05: Working from home this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to see my 2017 Bullet Journal …

2016-12-29: Sometimes I just can’t help myself. With the 📚 or the 🍷. #wineglass #harrypotterbook …

2016-11-26: Could do this for hours. #calvinandhobbes #wineoclock


2016-11-20: Let’s the the holiday season started 🎄 🍷 Cheers!

2016-11-14: Starting to read 80/20 Sales and Marketing 📚 What book are you currently reading 📖?



2016-11-10: Good evening friends! A beautiful evening here in Harrisburg. What’s on tap for your night?

2016-11-05: Cheers, my friends. Enjoy your evening! . . . Manhattan made with @makersmark

2016-11-05: Exploring 🌲

2016-10-30: Good morning 🌞☕️ . . . #laptoplifestyle #youngmillionaire #futurebillionaire #youngentrepreneur …

2016-10-27: Happy Halloween 👻 🍪 😀


2016-10-21: Today was a cloudy day here in Harrisburg so I took the opportunity to capture this shot of the …

2016-10-16: Good morning ☀️☕️️ Comment below if you are drinking coffee right now 👇👍 . . . #laptoplifestyle …

2016-10-15: We took out a bunch of trees at our house today…Mozzie had to help :-) I hope your day was …

2016-10-15: Good evening! Enjoying a cup of joe and traveling magazines :-) What are your plans for the evening? …



2016-10-13: Took some time a few weeks ago to sit back and relax with a cigar. In this particular photo I was …

2016-10-13: Quick update on Mozzie since so many of you expressed concern last week. He is doing much better …

2016-10-12: That one time I sat Mozzie inside a jet turbine…😬 ✈️ . . . #laptoplifestyle #youngmillionaire …

2016-10-12: Pocket lint of a 3 year old…I have a few words of wisdom for you based on this, but I’d …


2016-10-11: Good morning! Time to begin conquoring your day :-) . . . #laptoplifestyle #youngmillionaire …

2016-10-10: One of my favorite things to do with Mozzie is read books with him 📚. Especially when he requests to …


2016-10-09: Cheers 🍻 How was your day? . . . #familyman #successtips #successmindset #successcoach #successstory …





2016-10-04: Night in the hospital with Mozzie. He’s had a rough evening and is attempting sleep now. Just …

2016-10-02: Quality time with this kid this morning 👍 Drinking milk 🐮 eating apple 🍎 jacks and reading books 📚 …

2016-10-01: Good evening, my friends. I hope your Saturday has treated you well! What awesome things did you do …




2016-09-27: Coffee and doughnuts…so necessary :-) Double tap if you agree 👊 👊 And have a fantastic day! . …

2016-09-26: Mozzie and I had a lot of time together this weekend since @Lindayaiken was galavanting around NYC. …

2016-09-25: Determine what makes you happy and then get to work making that happiness happen every single day. …

2016-09-24: Lucy enjoying a cup of joe with me :-) Enjoy your day!! . . . #laptoplifestyle #youngmillionaire …

2016-09-23: #musthave @starbucks while traveling :-) . . . #laptoplifestyle #youngmillionaire #futurebillionaire …


2016-09-21: Perspective is everything. The table I sit at each morning is not normally as clean as I crop it to …

2016-09-20: Read to take two for the road!





2016-09-11: Family photo sesh yesterday with @julianabirdphotography - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Srsly. If you are …

2016-08-27: Today is Mozzie’s 3rd birthday…and as you would expect to hear, I can’t believe …

2016-08-20: Had an awesome family day, accompanied by our good friends at @starbucks ☕️👍


2016-08-19: Good morning ☀️☕️ For those of you that would like to become early risers, here’s a pro-tip …


2016-07-19: Good morning ☕️🌊 Make today great!

2016-07-16: Traveling with a 3yo can certainly be challenging, but I am enjoying the extra time with this little …




2016-07-10: Family photo outtake 😉 Why do I work so hard? For more and more time with my family. What’s …


2016-07-03: #aikenstarbucksselfie

2016-07-02: Thinking, writing, strategizing, and enjoying a cigar. 😀 #laptoplifestyle #youngmillionaire …

2016-06-24: Cheers my friends! Enjoy your evening 😀 #laptoplifestyle #youngmillionaire #futurebillionaire …


2016-03-11: Satisfied We Are Not — And That’s Ok Satisfied We Are Not — And That’s Ok Photo Credit: Negative SpaceI am rarely satisfied. And if you …

2016-03-10: 7 Awesome and Productive Things To Do When You Are Sick 7 Productive Things To Do When You Have the Flu Photo Credit: Krista MangulsoneIt happens to all of …


2016-02-20: Don’t mind if I do! #tastycigar #cigarlovers #loversoftheleaf #cigarians #cigarcartel …

2016-02-05: Now #smoking an Ezra Zion Cigar Co. All My Ex’s #cigar. Thanks to @ftb.melanie and …


2016-01-22: Excited to start using Field Notes again! They are part of a change I have made to how I capture and …

2016-01-20: Excited to get started with 712 more things to write about! #writing

2016-01-09: #starbucks run with Mozzie and Lucy.

2015-12-08: Never too late for Christmas cookies. ‘Tis the season :-)



2015-10-03: Thoroughly enjoyed all of family time this morning!!

2015-09-27: Boom!

2015-09-07: Enjoyed this cigar with the best father in-law around!

2015-09-06: Becoming a big fan of Nat Sherman cigars.

2015-08-31: Enjoying a “successful move to production” cigar from one of my Domino developers.

2015-08-27: Home from taking my ITIL CSI exam. I unofficially know that I passed. Relaxing for a few minutes …

2015-08-25: Practice exam for my ITIL CSI cert. And a cigar. Of course.

2015-08-21: HCC Roaming Friday! Cigar with Manhattan. Always perfect. @harrisburgcigarclub

2015-08-18: Kicking back with the in-laws.

2015-08-15: Still working but have finished the manual labor of the day so kicking back with a cigar :-)

2015-08-13: Many thanks to @lindsayaiken and my incredible in-laws for facilitating this quick break. Much …

2015-08-12: HCC Board Meeting #1. @harrisburgcigarclub

2015-08-08: First cigar since returning from vacation last Saturday.

2015-07-05: A happy second 25th to this beautiful girl, @lindsayaiken!!!

2015-07-03: Closing out the day, beautiful evening!

2015-07-03: Enjoyed this Cubanacan this afternoon. @cubanacanlawrence @harrisburgcigarclub

2015-07-03: This guy has class.

2015-06-21: Good times.


2015-06-14: Not a huge Gurkah fan but thought this picture was captured well.

2015-06-05: Hard work always pays off. Excited to be home to spend the day with Mozzie and @lindsayaiken.

2015-06-04: Received this in the mail today…..

2015-06-02: Successful implementation tonight. Now enjoying a Blanco Nine and a Manhattan. Work hard play hard. …


2015-04-25: Enjoying the new Tobacco Company lounge. Beautiful setup. @harrisburgcigarclub

2015-03-30: Had a late implementation this evening. @lindsayaiken said “you had a long day. Go have a …

2015-03-30: View walking out of the office this evening.

2015-02-10: Missing this little guy. Left the house before he woke up. Getting back home after he went to bed.

2015-02-07: “Standing Guard” - very clear that @lindsayaiken is behind that door.


2015-01-24: Maybe we’ll read a book!

2015-01-12: Took the team out for a field trip to the farm show.

2015-01-11: So necessary.

2015-01-10: Discussing what the zoo sent us.

2015-01-10: Cozy car ride.

2015-01-07: Lucky cigars.

2015-01-03: Reading books with this kiddo.

2014-12-28: “board books are for babies. I’m reading James Patterson.”

2014-12-27: Hanging out with Lucy.

2014-12-14: One of the best pictures from the Thompson wedding #thompsonwedding121314

2014-12-12: Lucy always finds the most comfortable place to sleep.

2014-12-02: Drinking coffee. Planning tomorrow.

2014-11-28: Hot chocolate with @lindsayaiken and Mozzie!

2014-11-27: Excited to see grandaddy carving the turkey!



2014-11-23: Waiting for mom.

2014-11-16: Boss.

2014-10-19: Good morning!

2014-10-08: Another excellent Harrisburg Cigar Club board meeting in the books! @harrisburgcigarclub

2014-10-07: Another late work night. Another website launching :-)

2014-09-24: Random perspective from my drive to the office.

2014-09-22: One of those nights. Going to be a long one.

2014-09-21: Fun day at Hershey Park last weekend.

2014-09-13: Yes please and thank you.


2014-09-06: Fresh Starbucks Italian Roast whole bean.

2014-09-05: Me and The Lucy.

2014-03-30: Coffee makes the freezing rain melt away. Well, that’s my theory.

2014-03-21: How to handle traffic on a Friday afternoon.

2014-03-09: Hanging with this hombre.

2014-02-23: One of yesterday’s “working on a Saturday” cigars.

2014-01-04: On mornings like this it is good to ask: why do I live here?



2013-12-28: Actually been a while since I’ve had starbucks. Which made this cup of joe quite amazing.

2013-12-28: Been a while since I’ve played, but I’m going get this guy back into playing condition …

2013-12-27: Tonight’s vino. Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon.


2013-12-24: Appropriate weather conditions for Christmas Eve.







2012-09-17: Working on my presentation for tomorrow’s MT class at HACC. this calls for coffee!

2012-09-17: Quick walk with Lucy.

2012-09-16: Walk with the family :-)

2012-09-16: Romeo y Julieta Reserve

2012-09-06: How to drink coffee.

2012-09-05: Fall is dangerously close.


2012-08-21: Pretty awesome stuff going on at Highland Brewing Company.

2012-08-20: Much needed. #cigar #wine #biltmore #asheville