Too Young to Write

Yesterday morning, after the first church service, I was told by a family member, who did not mean any harm (they did not say that but I am saying it for them because I know they really did not mean any harm), that I am too young to write about lessons I have learned in my life.

I agree with them to a point in that I understand a wider/broader perspective is only possible with more time and age. But I disagree that I am too young to have identified lessons learned up to this point in my admittedly short time on this earth. I know I still have much to learn and much more to go through and live through, but that does not negate the life I have lived up to this point and the things I feel would be better to write about now as opposed to later.

Sometimes I think it is appropriate to have a fresher and more raw view of life shared through writing as opposed to a softened view that may come with a decade or two passing by. Not to say the same lessons and topics won’t be revisited after more time, but the perspective I have now is just as valuable as the perspective I will have later.

Aaron Aiken @aa