Finished. 100% veg-tan sheepskin notebook/calendar case. Hand-painted purple edges. Notebook shown is 6.5” x 4.25”. If anyone is interested please let me know. This one will be shipped out to my customer tomorrow but I have plenty of material to make more. Can do custom sizes, etc etc etc 😊

A hand is holding a floral-patterned notebook with a red pen attached to it.A hand is holding a floral and bird-themed wallet outdoors.A hand holds an open floral-patterned case containing a small 'Field Notes' notebook and a red pen.A floral and bird patterned wallet with two side flaps and a central pocket is open, displaying its interior.A colorful journal with a bird and floral cover is open to handwritten entries and includes a pen attached to the side.A hand is holding a small, colorful floral-patterned notebook or wallet with a curvy edge.A hand is holding a small book or notebook with a floral and bird design on its cover.A hand is holding a floral-patterned wallet with button closures and a red bird design.

Aaron Aiken @aa