Thoughts on change, art, science, and trees

Why do we do things? No, not that.

Why are things done a certain way? And why are things, some things, seemingly done that way because that’s how it has always been done? And why don’t those things change?

Is it fear? I think so. But fear of what? Change? I’m inclined to say yes, fear of change.

Why is change worthy of fear? Change is good, right? Change is new, maybe better, certainly different. These are positive qualities.

But I guess change can also be negative. Maybe the change isn’t conducted properly and it turns out to be bad, worse than it was before. Still new and different, but worse.

And what is that? What is worse? Worse according to me, you, my brother, other people in general? Worse if it hurts or causes discomfort? Are things better if everyone is happy and smiling? Maybe, but what if they are just lazy scared sheep and they turn into whining children when things change?

I guess change is unpredictable, and that is really what makes it uncomfortable for people. Some welcome it, enjoy the unpredictable nature of it, and actually look forward to not knowing. Others, understandably, are not that way and prefer to have all information first, and then decide whether or not something should change.

Which is better? And better according to who or what?

Is it better to be informationally driven, data-driven entirely? Or is it better to be driven by “the gut”?

Arts and Sciences. Is one inherently better than the other? Do they compliment each other? Or should they remain separate, in their own spheres?

They are both a part of life, that we can agree on.

Science: objective, numbers, data, facts.

Art: subjective, non-existent, created.

Nature comes to mind as one area of life where Science and Art collide. A tree does not exist until a seed is created by another tree, planted somewhere in the ground, and begins to grow. The science of how the tree grows is up to the processes required to bring life into that seed (sun, water, etc). The art of what the tree looks like is entirely up to the Creator (God) or maybe even the Gardner (you and I). The process (science) does not care what the tree looks like, it just knows how to make it grow. Science causes the tree to grow, and even change the colors of the leaves (an art unto itself), but what the tree ultimately looks like, or becomes, is an art (i.e. the art of bonsai trees).

Change is required (the seed must grow) and change is a natural occurrence (the seed will grow). It is nothing to fear. Maybe science says change is going to happen, and art is how we react to it. The art (reaction) can either be beautiful or ugly.

Maybe you don’t consider yourself to be an artist, but life does require all of us to act like one every once in a while. When change happens in your life, view the change as a blank canvas. A canvas that will become whatever you want it to be.

Aaron Aiken @aa