Some more photos of the cigar case I finished yesterday. This one was a custom request, and a design I can see being popular with others as-well. The larger accessory pockets allow for the larger lighters and cutters that my original design is not intended for. Plus a pocket for smaller notebooks!

Small boveda humidor bag insde of a leather cigar case

Field Notes notebook stowed in inner pocket of leather cigar case

Two accessory pockets shown open on a leather cigar case

Two accessory pockets shown closed on leather cigar case. Closure utilizes magnetic snaps.

Viewing a leather cigar case from the bottom, seeing the main cigar pocket on the left which is sized to hold a small boveda humidor bag and on the right the two cigar tool pockets are shown closed, each one is sized to fit larger cigar cutters and cigar butane lighters.

Leather cigar case shown from the top looking down. Main cigar pocket on the right, accessory pockets on the left.

Image showing leather cigar case flapped open, perspective is to show the height of each pocket which is about 1 inch when in use.

The leather boveda cigar case shown closed. Two long straps from the back tuck under loops on the front of the case to keep it securely closed. pine tree engraving is visible on the bottom of the front.

Aaron Aiken @aa