coffee with aaron — going where the money is

coffee with aaron — going where the money is

Good morning — I’ve never viewed myself as someone who chased money for the sake of money. Every business I have experimented with or idea I’ve built has always been for earning what is necessary to achieve a certain dream. It has never and will never just be about the money.

But, money is certainly an indicator that I will use to measure if something is worth the time to continue. Because after all — ”time is money.” Or as the kids say, “⏱=💰”

Earlier this year I started a business. Early fall I stopped focusing on that business so that I could start another business. While I was working on the second idea the first started to make sales without any input from me. Not a lot, but sales nonetheless.

This happened for three months in a row. September. October. November. Sales without me doing anything. No marketing. No emailing. No nothing.

It spoke (sales), I listened (fulfilled orders), and now I’m restarting the marketing machine behind that business. It will require daily input from me and this time, so it will now be important as ever to focus on processes, systems, and automations (as long as TOSs aren’t violated). ⏱=💰.

The lesson: build something you are passionate about but don’t be afraid to let it go if it isn’t contributing to your overall goals…that said, if it starts to move without you pushing it — pay attention.

Carpe diem,


Aaron Aiken @aa