Back from an extremely enjoyable 20 mile ride with Mozzie, our first ride together on our new bikes. Had a phenomenal time together!

Having showered I am now sitting outside enjoying a cigar, relishing in the good feeling I have at the moment :-)

Two classy looking guys, a father and son, wearing bike helmets, posing for a photo before setting off on their bike adventure for the day.

Boy sitting by a creek

Jamis Renegade S3 gravel bike resting against a tree.

A very handy bike repair stop along the trail. Includes bike tools and a pump.

Nearly at the end of their bike adventure, father and son posing for one last photo, this one by the Susquahanna River in Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Screenshot of our bike ride on the Greenbelt (using All Trails on iOS)

Aaron Aiken @aa