All right Hello So welcome to Wednesday October 18th, obviously have have mozzie here with me Yep, he’s sitting right here and he’s excited about being on the video.

So Yeah, here he is and he actually has three things that he’s thankful for So I Think we’ll just get into the grateful log stuff if that works for you.

All right I’ll probably we can yeah, we’ll do this here.

All right.

So first up on my grateful log though is having McDonald’s dinner last night with mozzie.

We don’t it’s been a while actually since we’ve gone to McDonald’s and We used to go During kovat that was like our drive our drive-in spot.

We would go there sit in the car And have dinner prior to kovat It was a simple spot for us to have dinner, right?

Because you had the play place and everything.

So Anyways, we don’t go there a lot anymore.

But so he Right, he got to relive his childhood he went into the play place and explored that as a 10 year old chicken nugget in there Yeah And there was also some two pieces of corn Who knows how the corn I don’t think McDonald’s has corn.

Yeah, I Don’t know Okay, possibly Possible okay before we get too far down that rabbit hole.

How about you tell tell us what is your what’s your first thing that you’re thankful for That’s fine.

I turned it up.

So don’t don’t talk to to to too loud Going to bed at 1130.

I like doing that.

It’s nice.

Yeah I think what were you doing up so late?

Totally doing that thing Absolutely doing nothing.

I was doing artwork artwork It’s coloring Notebook wearing a notebook the Was it Miami or no?

No, Hollywood.


No, it was Chicago, Chicago, Chicago You’re doing the Chicago Field Notes cityscape.

Yes, right.

Yeah That’s good and then you were also sorting all of my Field Notes notebooks all the ones you haven’t used yes, you have at least And when you count them be probably have total with the packs 200 maybe have you haven’t used within the hundreds and you maybe have like 12 you’ve used I’ve used more than 12, but yeah, I hear you.

I hear you All right My next item on the grateful log is having a forced break before my haircut So quick story on that is my haircut for all of time has been on Tuesdays Every other Tuesday at 430, that’s just it’s been a standing appointment that I have So I got there yesterday at 430 and turns out that my appointment was actually at 5 So instead of being promptly on time, I was very early but I Recovered quickly and Chose to look at it in a very positive light So instead of being disgruntled that I didn’t get an extra 30 minutes of work in I was instead Extremely grateful for the 30-minute break that I wouldn’t have given myself Otherwise, so I actually think that might be a life hack that I might try out with Appointments is getting to them Earlier than I would try to otherwise just to force some downtime.

So That’s my second item.

What’s your second item Ozzie?

I Sleeping over Sleeping over at Papa’s house happens How much do you think this building is to total I have no idea The apartment building.

Yeah the entire thing the entire thing But yeah sleeping over sleeping over is fun It is fun Good.


All right.

All right My third item is passing football with Mozzie last night we Before we left to go to dinner you got your Halloween costume I guess is technically what it is.

But so he’s going as a Steelers player Right, so he has Oh pick it specifically pick it.

So, all right, so you have the helmet you got No, he’s not he’s not the worst He’s not the worst.

He’s a good quarterback.

He’s considered him the worst quarterback.

Well Okay So anyways, he put on all of his gear last night and was we were passing football before it got dark So that was that was cool.

That was a fun time Yeah, yeah Soda soda Moss’s third item is soda cuz you always do coffee.

I’m doing soda It’s the kids version of coffee.

That’s fair What’s your favorite soda I’m thinking I’m thinking Oh Geez yeah How about your top two?

Okay, do that Santa weren’t Santa weren’t Santa’s one of them then Mountain Dew voltage Wow Very specific.


Okay comment down the comment section below what your favorite side is You want people to comment there?


All right.


All right Cool we’ll see if we get any responses there tell them about our hats for different teams right, so Watchers may notice I Have a Penn State hat on Mozzie has his Michigan hat on He likes to point out that we root for two different teams and we do for sure He likes Michigan and I like Penn State.

So I Think they play on November So we’re looking forward to that yeah Any other points you wanted to make about About your team and my team.

Oh I I have a point my team’s better than his We’ll see we’ll see time will tell time will tell all right, I think we’ll leave it there we have a very full Work day and also an extremely full school day to get through.

So yeah, we got a lot of stuff to get started on But before that we’ll go for a walk All right.

So cool.

All righty.

Have a great rest of your Wednesday, and we will both be here again tomorrow morning Please see ya

Aaron Aiken @aa