All right, hello, hello, and welcome to Monday, October 16th.

It is never a surprise to myself that I’m going to be recording this, but I have yet to actually have my gratitude journal, my grateful log, pulled up at the time of hitting record, so apologies for that.

What a day today has been! Today has been quite insane.

I’m recording this closer to 5 o’clock in the evening, my time, so I’ve already lived, you know, an entire two lifetimes today.

I did have the time, made the time to write this morning, but then since writing this morning the day has just been absolute…it’s gone well, but it’s gone fast, and I haven’t had a chance to just sit down here and record this until now.

So the gratitude log, the grateful journal, is a few hours old, but that’s okay.

It still applies, still things I’m very thankful for, and I thought about, you know, maybe rolling in some things that happened throughout the day, but that would take away from tomorrow, so we’re going to not do that.

So we’ll just roll right into the grateful log, but before doing so, I just want to say that I hope that you had an awesome weekend, and I hope that Monday has been going well for you so far.

So all right, here we go.

Grateful log for today, Monday, the 16th of October.

Number one is eight hours of sleep.

I forget this about myself sometimes, and I think, you know what, no matter what time I go to bed, I am going to get up at…pick a time.

Today’s goal was no matter what time I go to bed, I’m going to get up at, I think it was six o’clock.

I had my alarm set for six.

That did not happen.

I got to bed late.

Last night when I got back to my apartment here, I just had stuff in my head that I had to get recorded somewhere, so I pulled up my Trello workspace that I have with all these various boards for different areas of my life, and just started, you know, getting everything out of here and into another system of record.

So I, you know, anyways, got to bed late because of that, which is fine.

I’m glad that I took the time to, you know, do all the things there.

But when I went to bed, I was like, I’m still going to get up at six o’clock with my alarm.

That did not happen.

I woke up after I got exactly eight hours of sleep.

So I’m thankful for that because I feel great.

It’s just, it’s something that I have to remember about myself.

I am not a soldier when it comes to getting less sleep.

My body operates best when it has eight hours, and I think I knew that to be a fact because I will wake up after exactly eight hours.

So I’m thankful for that.

That’s cool.

I’m down with that.

Next up on the Grateful Log is that this is a new week.

I tell Mozzie that Monday is my favorite day of the week.

He doesn’t really agree with that statement.

I think for him, it’s his least favorite day.

He takes the mindset of Garfield a little bit more.

To me, it’s the best day of the week because it’s a fresh start, especially when it comes to the work portion of the week.

It’s a fresh start, and it’s a clean slate as far as whatever it is that you have to do.

I really like having that opportunity 52 times throughout the year where you get to start over, and you get to do better maybe than you did last week, or you have some exciting project that you can work on this week.

For me, I get to make stuff that I didn’t make last week that’s new.

This week, I get to interact with new customers.

I enjoy all of it, so it’s exciting for the new week to begin.

So thankful for that.

And today has not disappointed.

Today has been a different day.

It’s always productive, but just different productivity today.

Mondays are, for me, on my schedule, they’re definitely more of a flex day where I have to be flexible to just whatever happens.

Most Mondays, I try to take time in the morning to plan out the rest of the week ahead, and then have the afternoon-evening hours to actually do making of things.

I didn’t quite have it planned out today, and the evening we’ll be making stuff.

But anyways, you’re not here for that.

So yeah, new week, it’s good stuff as well.

So finally, I’m thankful for a fun but different day with Mozzie yesterday.

Fun but different.

Mondays are, during the school year, they’re the longest day that he and I have together.

And I try to be flexible to weather plans, what he’s in the mood to do or not do.

And yesterday, after we did the church thing, and we had lunch, and we finished up some school stuff, and got to the time of the day where we didn’t have any obligations, just kind of left it up to him with what he wanted to do, I threw on the Eagles-Jets game.

I’m actually kind of happy the Jets upset the Eagles there.

So I had the game on, and he chose to just, he wanted to sit in my bed, this is one big studio apartment, so he was just in my bed with my, what are these called, the AirPods Pro Max or whatever, the over-the-ear headphones.

I had those on with my iPad and was playing Apple Arcade games all throughout the game of the football game, which was fine.

I like not being so, I think I could tend to be more weird about that, and we’re not spending time together unless we’re doing the same thing at the same time.

But I think I’ve either grown past that, or just, I don’t know, whatever.

But it was good.

He had a good time doing what he was doing.

We were still bantering back and forth about the game.

He was rooting for the Eagles, I was rooting for the Jets, so we still had that that we were doing.

So it was just good.

We had a great time together, just kind of unwinding a bit after the week.

We got to that point on Sunday where we could just relax a little bit, so that was good stuff.

Yeah, so all right, I’m going to get out of here.

I need to eat.

I haven’t eaten anything since the two slices of toast that I had for breakfast this morning.

I got to unload a lot of leather out of my car.

I just got an evening that I need to get into, so thanks for watching, listening, wherever or however you’re getting this.

I hope that Monday treated you really great, and I hope that you’re able to rest up this evening so that you can be ready for whatever Tuesday may have in store for you, and hopefully tomorrow I’m able to get something out a little earlier in the day.

So all right, until then, take it easy.

See ya.

Aaron Aiken @aa