All right, hello, hello, hello and welcome to Thursday October 12th, how is it Thursday October 12th?

I think I’ll keep saying how is it whatever day it is For as long as I do this because it seems like every day just keeps going just so fast.

It’s insane Yes, I am rocking this beautiful scarf No need to be so serious all the time.

I do find that I I tend to get pretty darn serious.

I think And how I appear and here’s me not being too serious Rocking the scarf that I finished making this is actually What up, let me see.

Yeah, this is the first thing on the grateful log the gratitude journal for today Is this lovely scarf that I finished making yesterday?

It turned out great, and I think it’s awesome It’s fun to make pretty simple it’s pretty crazy to me That you can go so the last scarf I made was Man the end of 2020 And then I started a scarf in 2021, but then it got abandoned.

I know already talked about that so to go, you know over two years without making a Thing with the yarn and the needles and such and then to be able to do it.

I like that.

That’s pretty cool the You know comes back pretty quickly to touch the feel what it should feel like so that was fun to finish it and thought it’d be goofy to wear it while I do the video because No need to take life so seriously all the time.

So that’s number one on the gratitude journal the grateful log for today next up is Time with Mazi yesterday, I know that that’ll be maybe one that repeats fairly often because I enjoy spending time with the kid He’s at a creek and I’ve said this before but he is at a crazy age He he loves the physical aggression stuff He’s 10 Right.

He’s a boy.

So he’s just got this aggressive energy.

So Last night after dinner his request was not to pass football, but for me to Push him over essentially, he’ll run at me in the yard and I will be you know, the wall and and I’ll push him over and he just falls on the ground and he loves it So we did that Now he did tweak his neck a little bit.

So we stopped I don’t want to You know fully injure the child but That it speaks to something in him to do these things.

So that was fun I’m glad that he had a good time He asked if I would mention that today and I did say probably so Mazi if you’re watching this.

Yeah, I mentioned it It was fun.

I hope that your neck is feeling better Next up on the grateful log here is Positive conversations with Lindsey.

So Lindsey if you’re watching this, here you go.

Here’s your mention as well Yeah, what do I say here so Because I guess I haven’t delved into this.

I don’t know how much detail we want to get into but the marriage didn’t work out Which Sucks Yeah, I don’t know I don’t want to dwell on on that too much but the the the positive thing though, the thing I am grateful for is that despite the marriage relationship not working out Lindsey and I are able to have a What I would say, I don’t know if she would agree.

Maybe we’re able to have a pretty positive relationship friendship despite despite the bad You know, so we’re you know, I guess you could say co-parenting That’s working out very well so far And I don’t anticipate it ever not working out.

So I’m just very I’m thankful for Thankful for the Like we can talk I don’t know it’s it’s a it’s good it’s good stuff like we’re able to carry on conversations So I’m just thankful that it works out like that I don’t really know what else to say about the matter But it’s all it’s it’s it’s a it’s good stuff.

So I am thankful for that.

Hopefully Lindsey.

You don’t mind that I said that So Trying to be real here it is something that I’m thankful for so All right.

We’re gonna keep it at another short one.

I’m getting to this later in the morning than I usually do So I need to get on with the day.

I need to get the scarf off.

It’s very comfortable It’s you know, very poofy and and and great, but I don’t need to be wearing it inside right now Um, could you take me seriously as I was wearing this though?

That’s a great question to ask So, all right, we’ll get out of here.

Have an awesome Thursday If you were like me approaching noon I hope that it has been going great so far for you and that it finishes very well If you are at the end of your Thursday, I hope it was freaking phenomenal And I hope that you’re able to rest up and prepare for whatever Friday may have in store for you.

So until Friday morning See you later

Aaron Aiken @aa