All right, my party people, what is up?

Let me pull up today’s grateful log.

What a Friday it has been so far.

Today’s Friday.

Today is Friday, October 6th, and I welcome you to Friday, October 6th.

I hope that so far it’s going well for you.

For me, man, and I think I’m recording the audio here.

Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

Just give me one sec.

Let me just verify this.

And yeah, it looks like we’re good.

All right.

Today’s grateful log is interesting.

I don’t know.

Some mornings I really struggle to…

it doesn’t flow as quickly, where other mornings it’s as if it’s, you know, kind of been festering all night in my mind, and then just the fingers have to get it out of the head.

Anyways, so all right.

First up is rediscovering past interests.

This one’s pretty random, but just life is weird.

So way back, excuse me, I’m going to try to keep this as quick as possible because, man, even though today is Friday, the end of the week, it’s going to be an insane day.

So I need to get moving ASAP on many, many, many different things.

All right, so rediscovering past interests is just interesting.

You know, I have this studio apartment that I sleep in, live in, and work in, and so it has a tendency to really get out of hand, especially with the work stuff.

The leather work can creep into every area of the apartment here, which is not ideal for any type of…man, just, you know, recharging at the end of the day is not really a thing that I find possible to do.

So, you know, I’m always constantly looking for better ways to organize things, to, you know, streamline how things are stored, so on and so forth.

And so, you know, a few weekends ago, or maybe even just last weekend, time is a weird thing lately, made a trip to Ikea to get some more just storage devices.

Not devices, you know what I mean, furniture.

And so have been, you know, building that, putting it together, getting stuff out of closets and into these blah, blah, blah.

In the process of doing so, I came across a…I’m not ashamed to say this.

I came across a…I don’t know, I forget the terms, a bundle of yarn, what is that called, with, you know, knitting needles.

And I actually had a project on the needle, which I had forgotten about.

I had started making a…it was going to be a black scarf that I was making for myself.

I think I started it early 2021, and it got interrupted and, you know, put away, and I forgot about it entirely until just a few weekends ago when I was cleaning out some things and getting rid of stuff.

It’s like, oh my gosh, I 100% forgot that I had this project going, and it looked great, but I took it apart.

I took it apart and am restarting it.

You know, it’s amazing how you can get back into something even after a few years of being out of it.

My hands knew exactly what to do to restart a knitting project.

I have to move, so even even when I do, like, you know, quote-unquote relax, which we’ll get into that later, but I like the idea of still being able to do something creative.

And so I discovered knitting many years ago and completed a few just scarves.

I just did a bunch of scarves for people, and it was fun.

I enjoyed it.

It’s a very simple, creative thing to do that’s kind of mindless.

You can just kind of do it anyways.

So rediscovered that, and I’ll, you know, slowly just kind of get back into that as time allows.

Next up is morning pages.

These things just never cease to amaze me.

This is the practice that I roll into my Grateful Log.

My Grateful Log is actually a part of a larger practice that I’ve had for, man, maybe 10-plus years of morning pages.

You know, this is writing…I type it out.

Some people handwrite it.

So I’m writing around 750 words each morning.

And, you know, part of that, like I said, is the Grateful Log.

I do that up front.

I have a process on my computer here to kind of walk me through setting it up, and it’s awesome because, like today, which is why I’m thankful for it or grateful for it, I came into the time of writing with a problem, and by the end of a problem to be solved, and by the end of the writing 750 words, I had solved it.

Now, just solved it on the page, the actual solution needs to be implemented, which is going to take many hours on my part, but that time to write through, to think through, to process, to just sit with that intentionally, just…it works every single time.

So I just love it.

It has yet to ever feel dull or feel like a waste of time.

It is, you know, between that practice and the Grateful Log, that is arguably, you know, the most important part of my day is sitting down first thing and just writing.

It’s not eloquent, right?

I’m not going…there’s no rules here.

This is just a blank page you’ve got to fill up with whatever’s in your head, and it’s fascinating how well it works at what it does.

I don’t know.

So just extremely grateful for that.

Yeah, so morning pages are awesome.

If you don’t do that, I recommend, you know, giving that a shot, as well as the Grateful Log.

Just try it.

It’s pretty good stuff.

All right, next up, last on the list here, the Grateful Log is planning, even if late.

Yeah, so just a late realization of mine that I should have had years ago, or not years, but a while ago.

And so, you know, this morning…oh, that’s actually part of the problem that I had to work through.

And so the end result of that is planning that needs to take place, and then, you know, further steps that need to happen.

But, you know, even if it’s done late, I’m thankful for the brain space and the, I don’t know, just being able to plan it out.

So even if I’m late to the party, right, I’m still going to make the plan.

I’m still going to execute on it.

And yes, it should have been done a long time ago, but better late than never, I think.

So I’m happy to have put a plan in place for some pretty big stuff coming up.

So that’s going to be it.

Like I said, I got a pretty massive day ahead, so I’m going to get the heck out of here.

I hope that you have an awesome Friday.

Realistically not going to have anything on Saturdays.

If we do, we do.

If we don’t, we don’t.

It’s not planned, it’s a bonus if it happens, right?

So if we don’t talk, I hope you have an awesome weekend.

And we’ll definitely be back here on Monday morning.

So until then, peace out, and take it easy.

See ya.

Aaron Aiken @aa